February 03, 2015

Sri Aurobindo could satisfy any scholar in almost any field

This is a brilliant – and unfortunately all-too-rare recognition of the extent to which supposedly “neutral” neuroscience is pervaded by underlying assumptions from the Western philosophic position. Though not a philosopher (I’m a clinical psychologist) I attempted to point to some of the limitations and pitfalls in contemporary attempts to integrate Indian philosophic/psychological ideas with contemporary science: 

[Trustees go about diluting the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by turning the Ashram into a free-for-all place] http://t.co/pxFpyvceqF
[there is an urgent need, an imperative necessity for government intervention in Sri Aurobindo Ashram administration] http://t.co/URFLKrjfCE
[Philosopher, mystic, poet and nationalist, Sri Aurobindo was perhaps India's most fascinating and enigmatic leader.] http://t.co/aoqUSlLllT
[In spite of his political involvement, Sri Aurobindo had a rather private disposition and rarely spoke or wrote] http://t.co/fDDnYiSz1W
[During the 1930s Sri Aurobindo answered a staggering number of letters to disciples, of which over 5000 published.] http://t.co/fDDnYiSz1W
CWSA in 37 volumes Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo in a uniform library edition. 28 volumes have been issued thus far http://t.co/pfYyU1hr9I
[THE Veda possesses the high spiritual substance of the Upanishads, but lacks their phraseology; philosophical terms] http://t.co/EBNOl6YZav
[The range of Sri Aurobindo is such that he could satisfy any scholar in almost any field whatsoever.] @smurali1234 http://t.co/ifVt8jX0p3
[the force of the democratic tendency is not a force which is spent but one which has not yet arrived] ~Sri Aurobindo http://t.co/6wSY0aEEHT
[An ever-enlarging self takes the place of the old... and it is this moral growth which society helps and organises.] http://t.co/qV7brwoxUF
[Evolution and The Destiny of Man in Sri Aurobindo - Ananda Reddy - Metaphysical Background: Concept of Satchidananda] http://t.co/8xwtxjZ6Ea
[SRI AUROBINDO'S PHILOSOPHY OF EVOLUTION — KIREET JOSHI. Publisher: Popular Media, Delhi] http://t.co/ql4ErHTKxi
[The Genesis of the Auroville Foundation Act | Auroville] http://t.co/70EmH1UZV6 Sri Aurobindo
[Initiation: Spiritual Insights on Life, Art & Psychology - Michael Miovic - Prema Nandakumar, Sri Aurobindo Society] http://t.co/2tg2j77HSP
@SavitriEraParty : refreshing to see review of Michael's Initiation., he is not only  psychiatrist but vibrant storyteller &  pucca bhakta
Speeding Up the Evolutionary Process Of Growth Into the Divine Consciousness http://t.co/i3Qfbhd6Y4
A Rationale For Human Birth Into the Material World http://t.co/9PZoZcZ4gU
Evolution of human nature http://t.co/BCRWBFDVTF via @wordpressdotcom
[Larry Seidlitz — We find in Sri Aurobindo’s treatment of emotions a great paradox and its synthesis and resolution.] http://t.co/y4CMoOfHuu
watch this beautiful program on the occasion of centenary of The Mother's arrival  at Pondicherry http://t.co/kLHQ8PwZwe via @youtube
[research on people's experience of applying Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's Integral Yoga in professional work. https://t.co/MNkZ9Y4Mzq
[An Essay on the Vedas by Sri Aurobindo] http://t.co/F0gkddqZiy
[It was the effect of yoga of Sri Aurobindo by which the fascism and communism got destroyed mutually.] http://t.co/sUch5btU6H
[Not the US or Britain or France but it was the Soviet Union that lowered the fascist flag.] Sitaram Yechury http://t.co/ydmvQgwd1G via @htTweets
The Current Hindu Upsurge in Sri Aurobindo's Light http://t.co/3XfguxDckj
Amulya Ganguli writes on the Right and Left of #India http://t.co/5xb567PPdu
Our new publication in the words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother... http://t.co/5UlepzRvEp
Lotus Press is now distributing a number of titles by Satprem, who was a disciple of The Mother and who recorded... http://t.co/wnApA8YGQG
Lotus Press has been systematically building our e-book library from our print edition catalog.  At this time, we... http://t.co/Anl2no8KEQ
Indian religions–Hinduism-Buddhism-Jainism–are closer to philosophy than Western religions–Judaism-Christianity-Islam http://t.co/MtisbPQdi2
My answer to Swami Vivekananda was ignorant of many things in Hinduism and it was corrected by Sri Aurobindo. what's… http://t.co/dEUC1jxido
[My blog is inspired by my ongoing study of the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (his spiritual collaborator).] http://t.co/Bk16F0HU40
#ModiMinistry ‘Hindu Right’s appropriation of svaraj is hypocrisy’ http://t.co/y3fWZZQaVj
#AAPAnarchicSwaraj - my piece @NitiCentral on the habitual disrupter #SriMuffler & his drama troop:  http://t.co/tSFlfX3ITS
The March to Fulfil India’s Glorious Destiny Begins - My Reflections- in TNIE- http://t.co/V2cty7OU7m @malviyamit @spmrfoundation
A Critique of Whole Foods' "Conscious Capitalism": http://t.co/3KH2LD9AJc #Critique #Culture #Consumerism
Thomas Merton on Being an Intellectual, and a Message to the Poets http://t.co/NqmT5Tb83w
[much of Enlightenment is not unfinished: it has been ignored, buried or traduced. —   Alberto Toscano, Fanaticism] http://t.co/eCvr5C5ENX
[Both adda & flânerie are activities whose worth is ambivalent in capitalist society: they rupture march of progress] http://t.co/tzhnfh949T
[the word integral harkens back to Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga, which called for a transformation of consciousness] http://t.co/elniVbzf8D
[Zizek’s position dovetails quite nicely with Benjamin’s conviction that capitalism is a ‘purely cultic religion’] http://t.co/1FrmrjU7Fu
[Royce's The Religious Aspect of Philosophy as phenomenology of the religious consciousness in 1885 predates Husserl] http://t.co/Ywd6cjYEm2
[To get the basic flavour of Sri Aurobindo’s writing, one could have a look at a few representative short texts, at] http://t.co/SjosIMjwLv
Place of religions; their "Tolerance"; need for their "Transformation" into universal spiritualism. Click to read: http://t.co/qcXPVtDZis
[“SRI AUROBINDO” was written by Manoj Das way back in 1972 during the birth ...] http://t.co/WXPr27I5DT
Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader http://t.co/K48qTFPo6w via @routledgebooks
Also, this was an interesting statement by Dr. Kireet Joshi, Chairman of the Governing Board and International Advisory Council: mike February 2, 2015 at 3:16 am
Bande Satyamaye http://t.co/YClMDepBUl @gaana

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